Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good News and Bad News

It has been over a week since I last posted my ideas. I have been finishing up a rewrite of one of my first books, Breaking Free From the Past. It was developed as my notes to a Video training I did at College Hill Presbyterian in 1983. It combines insights from theology, counseling outcome research, prayers and the application of the Bible to renew the mind. I am worn out but the fruit of the hard work will likely liberate thousands of people ar0ound the world.

It will shortly join several other E Books on our new Bookstore at the redone web for Sweeten Life
Right now you can get a pdf. E Book from the store pretty cheaply. I have rewritten RCT as Power Christian Thinking with some great new insights.

Now the bad news. Research from the United Kingdom, England for those from Ina, says that almost 90% of all the people who seek counseling there fail to get better. This is a horrible and amazing statistic. Some years ago we at Life Way Counseling did a follow up on Client satisfaction and found 94% were very satisfied with what they got from our Counselors.

What is the difference? Probably many things but the report from the UK says that Counseling there is a rigid, centrally controlled bureaucratically run mess that demands all Counseling be the same regardless of the needs of the Client. Every Counselor must be trained and must use the same protocols to be certified and hired by the National Health Ministry.

Here is the USA and especially at Life Way, which always includes the client's faith in treatment, we tailor the treatment to fit the person and his or her needs, beliefs and interests. However, the ability to tailor Counseling to the client will only last as long as the Federal Government stays out of the picture. The Federal Government runs all health care in the UK and that is why it is a total failure.

In the USA, a lot of Counseling for depression, anxiety, alcoholism and drug addiction comes from Christians. If the Federal Government takes over will they allow us to continue to help people?

More on this later.

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